Polish Manufacturer of VISTEX® knitwear

Mewa Sp. Z.o.o Sp. K is the one and only Poland and Worldwide manufacturer of underwear made of viscose rayon produced on flat knitting machines

This innovative knitwear is registered as trademark VISTEX®.

This fabric is made from natural cellulose fibers obtained from wood pulp of spruce. The addition in the form of polyamide serves only as the „skeleton” that improves the functional qualities of this extraordinary fabric. Just like a human being, the „skeleton” is inside the fabric and has no contact with the user’s skin, which is visibly beneficial to her and is directly supported by viscose rayon.

Vistex® cumulates and exhibits useful properties that exceed the properties of popular utility fibers such as silk, wool and cotton. Leading is one of its main properties and heat and sweat dissipation manifested in the dynamic regulation of body temperature and humidity to the user’s needs. This function is a resultant variable of these two factors stabilizing them both and eliminating the very unfavorable peaks of their common occurrence. Therefore, it is ideal for sports collections. Our knit not only quickly absorbs sweat, but also wicks it away, which means that there is no better material for hot days. It has a high hygroscopicity factor, in addition increasing with increased humidity, which is apparent from the natural properties of cellulose, from which knitted fibers are produced. These properties prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi causing allergies, so the knitted fabric is safe for allergy sufferers. Delicacy, softness and velvet – all these additional features, welcome, also found in viscose silk.

While most knitwear and knitwear manufacturers use round machines, we produce our knitwear on flat machines, which means that it is made of a single fiber of great length that increases its strength. The production of knitted fabrics on such machines adds to them the additional advantage of more favorable laying and matching the user’s body without artificial obstacles and turns.

Due to its properties, this knit was used without a doubt in the production of day and night underwear and functional clothing of our main brands Mewa lingerie®, VISTI®, James Bradley® and specialist, like sports, medical and children’s.


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